How to Buy a Pillow

PillowIn addition to a good mattress a good comfortable pillow helps to provide a restful nights sleep.  A good pillow allows us to recharge and rest and be more healthy.  A poor pillow may contribute to neck pain, headaches, shoulder and/or arm pain, and even sneezing.  If you have any of these problems they are not caused by a poor pillow but the wrong pillow will make them seem worse.

Pillows need to be replaced after a year or a year and a half and definitely after two years.  As your pillows age they can contain dust mites, mold and mildew so you want to get rid of them.

A good pillow should provide support for your head and your neck.  It should keep its fullness and not deflate rapidly.  Pillows come with various fillings such as down filled, foam, polyester fiberfill, memory foam and latex.

One of the best pillow types are the goose down feather pillows but these are rather costly although they are long lasting and very comfortable.  A more moderate priced  yet comfortable choice might be the  polyester fiberfill type.  Usually these work well for people with allergies and they may be machine washable.   The foam pillows work well if you want a firmer type.

If you sleep on your back you need a pillow which will raise your head and help with breathing.  If you sleep on your  stomach you may need a thinner pillow and if you sleep on you side you may need a firmer pillow.

A pillow with a thread count of about 300 is satisfactory for a standard size pillow and these are reasonable in price.  Higher thread counts are available and these provide more luxury and also cost higher prices.

You want your pillow to fluff back up if you squeeze it.  If your pillow just stays flat with no fluff it is probably no longer trapping the air  and should be replaced.

Check out various pillow types and manufacturers both in the store and on line to find the pillow type that is perfect for your needs and will provide you with a good restful rejuvenating nights sleep while staying within your budget.