How to Buy a Pressure Washer

pressureWhen you consider purchasing a pressure washer you first want to determine how it will be used.  If you only plan to use your pressure washer for cleaning such items as patio furniture or a car you only need a light duty pressure washer.  A medium weight pressure washer will handle places such as a driveway or a  patio and a heavy duty pressure washer will work well cleaning sidings and fences.  You don’t want to purchase a pressure washer  with more power than needed, however, you don’t want a unit that will not handle your cleaning projects.  Additionally, if you plan to use your pressure washer frequently you do not want to buy one too inexpensive that will wear out quickly and need to be replaced.

PSI is the pounds per square inch needed to loosen the bond between the stain and the surface you plan to clean.  Gallons per minute, GPM, is the amount of water flow.  A higher number means the washer will clean a larger surface.   The cleaning units of a pressure washer is determined by multiplying the pounds per square inch by the gallons per minute.

You can purchase pressure washers that run either by gas or by electric.  Although gas pressure washers  may be more powerful they also need more maintenance.  Electric pressure washers will use a heavy duty extension cord and work well for light duty.

Check out the nozzle on the unit since the width of the spray may be adjustable and a telescoping wand will enable you to clean siding on the second story.  Heavier spray guns or extension wands may need to be held with two hands.  Do you want the ability to have a cleaning solution storage tank with the pressure washer instead of having to use a bucket.  Do you need attachments for cleaning gutters or do you want a scrub brush that rotates.  For pavements do you want a broom attachment.

Be sure you do you homework and purchase the pressure washer that will meet your cleaning needs. Pressure washers can be purchased in a wide range of prices from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars depending on the machine.