How to Buy a Snow Blower

snowerWhen you live in an area that gets a good deal of winter snow you may be looking for an easier way to remove it than your trusty snow shovel. In this case you may be thinking about the purchase of a snow blower.  Snow blowers come in three basic types.  There is the single stage electric blower, the single stage gas blower and the two stage gas blower.

If you only have a small amount of property and want remove relatively light snow then the electric blower could be right for you.  These are lightweight machines that are easy to store when not in use and they do not require the maintenance required by gas machines.  However, the electric blower cannot handle deep snowfalls or wet, heavy snowfalls.  They do well  with the lighter snows with a depth of under four inches.  They will clear a more narrow path than the gas models.

The single stage gas blower clears a path about 20 inches wide.  They can handle snowfalls of up to eight inches.  Gas blowers need to be refueled.  Many gas blowers come with an electric starter for easier starts.  You do not want to use a single stage blower on gravel since the blower will pick up the gravel along with the snow and send it flying.  It will also ruin the machine.

If  you live in an area that gets several feet of snow in winter then your only real choice is the two stage snow blower.  These are much heavier than the other types and they are much noisier.  They are expensive and hard to store and the engine does need maintenance.  On the plus side they are propelled by power driven wheels.  They can handle heavy wet snow.  They can cut a path up to 45 inches.  They can be used around gravel.

Most snow blowers today have a control which will only permit the snow blower’s auger to run as long as there is someone holding the handlebars.  This is a good safety feature.  On some snow blowers the handlebars height can be adjusted and on others they cannot.  Be sure the handlebars are comfortable for you before you purchase your machine.  Larger tire size will make the snow blower easier to maneuver and should give more traction.

Even basic snow blowers are expensive.  There are many features you can add such as headlights or heated grips.  As always, the more features you add and the heavier duty the machine, the more expensive it will be.  Check out the various types of snow blowers on line and in brick and mortar stores and choose the one that will best fit your needs.