How to Buy a Space Heater

heaterPerhaps you want to heat areas of your home that are too cold.  Perhaps you want to be able to reduce the temperature of  your central heating system and need to supplement this heat.  In either case a space heater may be the answer to your problem.

For space heating you can use either wood, gas or electric units.  Electric space heaters are the most common form since they are easy to use and portable.

If you plan to run your space heater constantly the radiator type heater is a safe form of additional heat for a limited space.  It does not heat up as quickly as some other heaters so is not a good choice if you want to quickly warm up a room.  If you have a room you use often and need additional constant heat then the radiator type heater is a good choice.  The surface of the radiator type heater does not get as hot as some other space heaters.  This type heater is probably less apt to cause burns or fires.

If you need to quickly heat up a room you will want to use a convection heater.  These units have a wire or ribbon type heating element and a fan to move the heat into the room.  Best used in seldom used areas these units can cause a fire or burn since they get pretty hot.  Another type convective heater uses oil which will put heat into the air.  The oil type heater heats up more slowly than the wire type heater and does not become as hot on their surface and does not have as big a fire danger as the wire models.

The radiant heater is used more to warm a person or object rapidly.  They are slow to warm a room.  These too get hot enough to start a fire or cause a burn.

A heater which combines both radiant heat and convection heat is a good choice.

Space heaters usually use between 600 and 1,500 watts of power.  The higher the wattage the more power is used and the more heat is provided.

The biggest danger from a space heater is fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.  The carbon monoxide poisoning danger is eliminated by use of the electric heater.

Heaters can be purchased with timers, temperature controls and automatic controls which shut off the space heater if the unit is tipped over.

Some things to consider when using your electric  space heater are never operate your electric space heater using a household extension cord.  If you blow a fuse or your circuit breaker trips your space heater is drawing more power than is available at that circuit.  Coming in contact with your heater with clothing or curtains or papers, etc. can cause a fire.  It is a wise idea to have a smoke detector in the room where you are using your space heater.

You can purchase space heaters in a wide range of prices, sizes and styles.  Prices start around $40 and range upward to around $125.    By following safety precautions you can enjoy the additional source of heat your space heater can provide.