How to Buy a Stationary Bike

bikerAn exercise bike in the home is a convenient way to get some low impact exercise and burn some calories.  Using a stationary bike is easy on the joints of the leg and on the knees.  It is considered a safe way to help increase heart rate without strain on your back or hips and works well for those unable to walk for exercise.

There are several types of stationary bike from which to choose.  There is the upright exercise bike which resembles a regular road bicycle.  The recumbent bike gives support to your back and you pedal straight out in front of you.  The recumbent bike may be a good choice if you have back problems or if you are seriously overweight.  Then there is also the spinning type bike.  These are usually used in group classes, but are available for home gyms.  The spinning bike has a similar design to a racing bike and is for the more advanced rider.  It gives an intense workout.

Some things to take into consideration when shopping for a bike are the seat and handlebars.  You need to try out the seat to be sure it is comfortable for you.  Some people prefer a smaller hard seat while other folks prefer a larger softer seat.  Don’t  assume you will be happy with the seat just by looking at it.  Be sure to test it.  The seat needs to be sturdy and it should be locked securely in place.  When you sit on the seat you want your leg to be almost straight when your pedal is at the bottom.  You will want your handlebars to be adjustable for comfortable use.  You want to be sure the bike is stable when you are riding.  You do not want a machine that will wobble and shake.

You will want your bike to have several features such as the ability to change resistance levels, adjust the seat and handlebars.  Other features you may want to consider are speedometers to measure the revolutions per minute, odometers to measure the distance pedaled, timers to let you know how long you have worked out and, workout programs to follow.

Consider your goals before purchasing your exercise bike.  Bikes are available on line and at sporting goods stores and specialty stores.  Prices range widely from around $130 to several thousand dollars depending on the bike you choose.  Be sure to check reviews for various manufacturers and be sure to check out the warranty for the bike.  A good bike should give you many years of service.