How to Buy a Stove

stoverWhen you consider buying a new stove the first consideration is probably whether you want a gas or electric unit.  Gas ranges heat up and cool down faster than electric ranges.  Usually electric ranges are less expensive to buy  than the gas stoves.  You can also find dual ranges which typically have a gas cook top and the electric oven.   The type service you have in youur home will determine which type stove you need.

If you are buying a stove which will go in between counter space you need to be sure of the correct size.  If you plan to purchase a stove with an overhead oven you need to consider the height of the available space.

Other things to consider when buying an electric stove  are do you want a stove with coil burners or do you want a smooth top?  Coil burners can easily be removed for cleaning.  A smooth top range is easy to clean too  but takes longer to heat up. Do you want induction burners which only heat the  pot or pan while the burner does not get hot?  The induction burner heats more quickly than either the coil or smooth top burners.   Gas ranges heat more quickly than electric ranges and usually are less expensive to use.

Do you want a single or a double oven?  Often with the double oven  you will lose the bottom drawer.  Do you want a self-cleaning oven? This is a nice convenience for someone who uses the oven often.   Do you want a conventional oven which heats from the bottom or do you want the convection oven which has a fan circulating the hot air so food cooks more evenly?  Convection ovens are more expensive than conventional oven, but they do cook faster.    Do you want a warming drawer for holding food until you are ready to serve?

Raised edges around the  stovetop will help keep spills from running onto the floor.  You want to be sure the controls for your  appliance are placed where they are easy for you to use.  Some ranges come with a light which will indicate if the range surface is still hot.

Stoves are available in a variety of finishes such as white, black, colors or stainless.  You will want to blend your new stove with your other appliances.  If you are replacing an existing stove and have been happy with your old range you may want to consider replacing it with the same brand.  If you want to go with something different it may help to consult family and friends to see how satisfied they are with their current stove.  Reviews on line are helpful as is going to the store and talking with a knowledgeable sales person. Basic stoves can be purchased for a couple hundred dollars with the prices increasing as you add more features.