How to Buy a Water Filter

filterMany people are changing from buying bottled water to filtering their tap water at home.  Your tap water may be odor free and taste fine.  However, your tap water may have an odor or taste bad.  City water sometimes smells like chlorine and well water may also smell foul because of the local conditions.

One contaminant found in well water may be rust which shows particles in the water.  It also can leave a sediment in the bottom of your glass of water or accumulate behind the screen on your faucet.  If you have the clear iron which leaves red stains in your tub or toilet you need to clear this with a water softener not a water filers.  Well water may contain some bacteria and/or parasites which may or may not cause an odor.  You will want to filter out these.  Another concern for older homes may be the fact that water pipes both from your water supplier and the pipes coming into your home were soldered with lead.  While this has no taste you want to filter it out for health reasons.  A lead filter can be installed under your sink and it will remove the lead from your water at that sink.

There are several kinds of water filtration systems and the type of water filter you need depends on your home water supply.  A whole house filter is installed in the main line coming into your home and it will remove rust particles and sediment from the water.  It can act as a pre-filter in conjunction with another type filter.  Under sink filters in addition to removing lead can also have cartridges to filter odor, bad taste and bacteria.    An under sink filter is convenient since you won’t be aware of it once it is installed.  You will only need to install the under sink filters under sinks where you are drawing drinking or cooking water.  This will cut down on the number of filters you will need to change.  There are filters which can be mounted directly to your faucet,  These filter your water at the point of use.  They are small but are very visible They are easy to install and remove.  They are not as effective as the under sink filters and mainly remove bad taste and odor.  The easiest type of water filter is the canister filter.  They can filter out different containments from you drinking water.  These containers have replaceable filters which need to be changed on a regular basis.

If you are interested in filtering the water in your home you will need to consider which type filter will best suit your needs.  A knowledgeable person at your home store should be able to assist you in making your decision.  Online research is always a good resource.