How to Buy a Weed Eater

weedeatWeed eater, weed wacker, string trimmer are all names for the garden tool used to tidy gardens and trim grass too high for a lawn mower.  I’ll just refer to the tool as a week eater.

Weed eaters come in either gas, electric or battery models.  They work by a  spinning line or string which rotates  fast enough to cut through weeds and other unwanted plantings.  The gas model weed eater  is the most powerful and you do not have to worry about dragging an extension cord around the yard.  It is useful for heavy projects and for a large area.  Some weed eaters are even strong enough to trim hedges.  With the electric model you will probably need to use an extension cord to cover your yard.  However, these are more quiet than the gas model and  you do not have to purchase any gas. They work well for moderate trimming in a moderate size yard.  The battery operated model is the least powerful and battery life may hinder completing a long project at one time.  Check out the cost of replacing the rechargeable batteries before  you purchase the battery style unit.  The battery powered weed eater may be heavier than the electric one since you are carrying the battery around.

The blade for the weed eater may be either nylon string cord or plastic.  The plastic will break and the nylon spools will need replacing so be sure to purchase extras when you purchase  your weed eater.  It is helpful to purchase a machine from a manufacturer that has some support or help options available since the weed eaters are prone to breakdown at some point.  Online manuals for the machine are very helpful.

Research various types of weed eaters to see which type will best fit your needs.  Before purchasing your weed eater hold the machine for a time to be sure it is comfortable for you.

Prices for weed eaters run from $35 to $300 depending on the features you want.  Bear in mind that the most expensive weed eater may not be the one you need to complete your tasks.  Purchase something that fits the job you want to perform and not something with a bunch of extra features you will not be using.

Having and using a weed eater will make it easier to maintain a well groomed  garden and lawn.