How to Buy an Air Purifier

airpurifierThe modern day energy efficient homes are often closed with no fresh air circulating.  Doors and windows are kept shut.  This contributes to the air inside the home being more polluted than the outdoor air.  Indoor air may be contaminated with mold, dust, smoke, viruses, etc.  Pollutants may contribute to the suffering of people with allergies or asthma.  To help combat the problem of dirty indoor air many people turn to room air filters also known as air purifiers.

When you are deciding to purchase an air purifier you should know several things.  First you need to determine the size unit you should use.  To estimate the size unit necessary to clean your room you need to find the clean air delivery rate of the unit.  This is calculated by taking the square footage of the space you want to clean times .75 and this will give you the clean air delivery rate or CADR.  If you cannot find a unit with exactly the size CADR you need go to the next larger size.  Also, if  your ceilings are over 8 feet go up a size.  Air purifiers can be moved from room to room as long as the size of the room is compatible with the size of the air purifier.

There are several different types of air purifiers.  A HEPA filter is very good against dust, pollen, mold and some bacteria.  These purifiers need to have filters replaced periodically which makes them a little expensive to maintain.  They are not effective against viruses or odors.

An activated charcoal filter will not work well on dust or allergens, but will do well against gases, smoke and odors.  The filter will need to be changed.

An ionic filter will not be effective against germs and fungus.  It will remove some viruses and smoke.  The unit is quiet and has no filter.

An Electrostatic filter works for odors, some gases and some allergens.  It has collection plates which need to be cleaned.  It is not effective against viruses and bacteria.

There are also UV filters which are not effective against odors and gases, but work well against viruses, mold and gases.  They have a bulb which needs to be replaced periodically.

Air purifiers are available in various price ranges depending on type and size.  Additional features are available such as a light to indicate when filters need changing or a fan with multiple speeds.  You will want an air purifier which operates quietly.

Air purifiers are available at home stores, on line, super centers and various other stores.