How to Buy an Ice Cream Maker

icecreammakerWhen you want the freshest all natural frozen treat think ice cream made at home.  Making your own ice cream allows you to produce any flavor you want and to incorporate fresh fruit in your ice cream.  Children love to assist with making this frozen treat although if you have a manual crank on your ice maker they may tire before it is ready.  Making your own ice cream is cheaper than purchasing premium brands and it is naturally much fresher.  You will need cream, sugar and eggs and whatever additions you want to incorporate in your ice cream.

There are several different types of ice cream makers.  If you are a purist you may want to use the old fashioned bucket ice cream maker that works by using rock salt and ice and hand turning the crank for 20 or 30 minutes till the ice cream is the proper consistency.  If you still want to use the traditional bucket type ice cream maker and don’t want all the labor of a hand crank these can be purchased with an electric crank which is a lot easier.  These still have to be monitored to be sure the bucket remains full of salt and ice to continue the process of cooling.  You will need to plan ahead since the freezer bowl will need to be cooled in the freezer for about 24 hours before you begin to make the ice cream.

There are compressor ice cream maker machines which have the freezer bowl built in and these will quickly cool to the right temperature as the ice cream ingredients are being churned   Another style is the canister ice maker.  This can be purchased with an extra bowl so you can make two different types of ice cream.  These bowls need to be placed in the freezer for a day before use.

If you want to have fun and are just making a small portion of ice cream there are ice cream balls available.  These can be used anywhere.  You simply place all the ingredients in the ball and shake it until the ice cream  reaches the proper consistency.

You want to decide how you will be using the appliance before you purchase your ice cream maker.  The compressor type may be more convenient for you if you don‘t want to be obligated to freeze the bowl for 24 hours before starting to make your ice cream .  If you want to make a large amount of ice cream the traditional bucket type appliance may work better for you.

Prices for ice cream makers range from a low of $25 to several hundred dollars depending on the features and the size and quality of the machine.