How to Buy Luggage

luggageBuying luggage is something most people only do once in a while.  You want to purchase something that will meet your needs so its important to take several things into consideration when you are obtaining your new luggage.

You need to consider how you travel.  If you do mainly airline travel and plan to take your luggage on board with you the size will need to comply with airline restrictions for carryon bags.  Soft sided bags are easier to put into the overhead bins.  If you plan to check your luggage a hard sided bag is probably more durable.

You need to consider the features most important to you.  Luggage with wheels are much more convenient than suitcases you need to carry.  If the luggage does not have wheels does it have a shoulder strap and is the strap wide enough for comfort.  A telescoping handle is important when you have luggage wheels.  Do you want a compartment on the outside of the luggage for easy access to the items there.  Instead of the traditional suitcase will a backpack type piece of luggage with or without wheels serve your needs.  Buying luggage is not inexpensive and is something you do only rarely so you want to be sure you get the type container that satisfies your requirements.  Not as popular as they once were are the luggage carriers which allow you to hang your clothing.   They range in length from 40 inches for men’s clothing to 54 inches for dresses to 60 inches for evening dresses.   These should have a strong hook to hang the bag and should have adequate straps inside to the secure the clothing.

Other things to take into consideration when deciding on your luggage are first the type of material.  The soft sided luggage made of ballistic nylon and Cordura nylon usually resist sharp objects and usually have waterproof seals.  Hard sided luggage is, of course, heavier than the soft sided ones.  However, hard sided bags of polycarbonate material are lighter than some other hard sided materials.  You want to be sure the zippers have taped seams to reinforce the seal between the zipper and the bag.  Leather or nylon should cover the outside seams for protection.  These seams should also have lock stitch sewing which means if one stitch unravels the whole seam will not come apart.  You want the luggage handles to be attached with screws so if you lose one it is easy to replace.  Corner and edges should be finished to offer some protection for the bag.

If your luggage has wheels it helps if they turn 360 degrees and they should be at least 2 ½ inches in size.  The further apart they are the better.  The telescoping handle should feel comfortable and should lock in place when extended.

For easier identification of  your luggage choose a distinctive color or pattern.  You also might want to add some personal features to your luggage such as decals or brightly colored luggage tags so you can easily spot it.

Some luggage manufacturers cover accidental damage not just any manufacturers defects.  Check out the warranty when you make your purchase.

Before you go shopping for this new luggage decide on your budget and consider luggage which falls into that price point.  Prices can vary greatly and you want to find the best value for your dollar.