How to Buy Mulch

mulchUsing mulch as part of your landscape will give your garden a polished appearance as well as providing benefits to your plants and trees.  Mulch made of organic materials can help keep the soil temperature even.  It can help with the growth of plants and can help prevent water loss.  Mulch can also help with weed suppression.

Organic mulch can be either cypress, pine, hardwood or cedar.  The cypress mulch will aid with holding water in the soil and reduce water evaporation.  However, it may also reduce the water that will reach the roots of the plants.

Cedar  mulch helps reduce bugs since it can act as an insecticide.  Hardwood and pine mulch stay looking attractive for a longer period of time.

Another way to mulch is to use shredded leaves from your own yard or wood chips from a tree that has been taken down.  Leaves will work very well for flower beds, but do not use the wood chips in these flower beds or in vegetable beds.  Wood chips will take some of the nutrients from the ground as they decompose depriving the flowers or vegetables.  You do not want to use the wood chips on grass as it will probably kill the grass.

You can also use non-organic mulch such as recycled rubber tires, recycled glass and gravel.  These can be attractive, but they will not improve your soil.  In order to stop weeds you may want to put some landscaping material under this mulch to smother out the weeds. To stay attractive they will need to be tidied up since this type mulch tends to stray out into the landscape and not remain in its place.

You can purchase mulch either in bulk or in bags.  Mulch in bags tends to be more expensive, but it is easy to transport and works well if you do not have anyplace to store a load of bulk mulch.  With the bag mulch you can also use different types of mulch for different areas.  It is available at any home store, garden center or super center.

Bulk mulch may be ordered from garden centers.  They should be able to guide you in deciding what type mulch you need for your project.

Before purchasing mulch you need to determine how much you will need.  This is calculated by measuring the length and width of the area and multiplying these numbers to get the square feet.  Then you need to  determine how deep you want to mulch.  Bulk mulch is usually sold by the cubic yard.  As a general rule one cubic yard will cover approximately 324 square feet with a one inch depth.  Usually mulch around flowers, vegetables and shrubs is  one or two inches deep.

Mulch is very attractive when used around flower beds, shrubs, vegetable gardens and borders along walks.