How to Buy Outdoor Speakers

speakersIf you spend a lot of time outdoors or if you entertain in your outdoor space you may want to install some outdoor speakers to provide sound.  Outdoor speakers come in a wide variety of styles and have a wide range of prices.  Since you will be competing with many distractions such as barking dogs, playing children, lawnmowers, traffic, etc. you will need outdoor speakers that will give good audio in spite of the obstacles.

To have a good full bodied sound you need to choose outdoor speakers with enough low frequency response for the bass to give a good resonance.  You won’t enjoy using speakers when the sound is too thin.

Outdoor speakers are weather resistant and come in many shapes, sizes  and materials.  The electrical components are coated and have heavy duty seals and the equipment is enclosed to withstand snow, rain or heat.

Speakers can blend into the landscape as rocks or they can be top mounted and tilt slightly downward or they can stand as speakers..  If the  speakers are mounted they need to have a secure surface to support their weight.

You can choose passive speakers which are units without an internal amplifier.  They get their power through speaker wires from some other component.  They connect to your stereo system and do not have their own controls to adjust the sound.  These speakers are usually less expensive that the active speakers.

Active speakers have their amplifiers built in and you can control the sound and adjust the volume from the speaker. Each of these types of speakers will have wires to connect them.

Another type speaker is the wireless speaker.  These are easy to move around  since they use infrared technology and do not require the installation of wires.  You just need to attach a receiver to the stereo system through the headphone jack.   As long as they are within  a 50 foot range of the stereo system they will pick up the signal even through walls.

Since there is such a great variety of outdoor speakers you need to decide where and how you want to use them, how much you can budget for them and check out various options before buying.   Outdoor speakers are available at many brick and mortar stores or on line.