How to Buy the Best GPS Navigation System

bsagfaTo find your way to your destination at one time you used a paper map.  Today its much easier to find your locations using a GPS or Global Positioning System.  Using a GPS will give you a more secure feeling when you are traveling in a strange area.  You can purchase a GPS unit designed for use in your car, for use on your boat, for recreational use such as when hiking or the newer type GPS is available on some cell phones.  The GPS can target your exact location and then will lead you from this point to your final destination.  Unlike the old paper map the GPS will verbally tell you the directions as well as where to find the nearest gas station or coffee shop.  It can reconfigure directions if you miss a turn.  It can give you a warning about traffic problems and can advise you of detours and direct you through it.

Prices for a GPS can vary widely depending on its features and once purchased its value decreases rapidly.  A GPS for your automobile can be purchased for as little as $100 or for more advanced features can go up to $500.  The less expensive models have smaller screens and basic mapping features.  More expensive models have larger screens and more features such as more sensitive receivers and multimedia capabilities just to name a few.   Before you purchase your unit you need to know how the GPS will be used.  If you only take short trips and only need directions once in a while the less expensive models should work fine for you.  If you do a good amount of travel to unfamiliar places you probably want a more expensive model.

256px-GPSMost automotive GPS systems come with a mount for your windshield or dashboard.  Accessories such as more software, adapters for the cigarette lighter, antennas, or chargers can be purchased to make using your automotive GPS unit more efficient.

Determine your budget and the way you will use your GPS before you start shopping.  GPS units are available in many stores and online.  Some of the better known brands are Garman, Magelian and TomTom.  There are many other good systems too. Be sure to purchase from a reliable dealer.  Talk with your friends to see what type GPS they use and if they are happy with the product.