How to Buy Window Film

filmerSunlight streaming through your home’s windows can fade your furniture and drapes and will raise your air conditioning costs.  UV rays are also a cause of cancer.  A simple way to cut the sun’s harmful UV rays and to make your home cooler is to apply window film to your windows.  Over time you will recoup the cost of the window film from the savings in air conditioning costs.

Most window film for homes will block over 90% of the harmful UV rays.

Window film comes in either decorative prints or in the plain tinted film.  The tinted film comes in various shades from a light silver to almost black. Different tints allow in different amounts of light.  If you want to let in more light with less privacy go with film with a 30% tint which means the tint on the film will allow 30% of the light in.  To shut out much more sunlight you can go with a 5% tint which only allows 5% of the sunlight in and provides more privacy.  Most window tints provide privacy during the day, however, when your interior lights are on at night you probably will need to draw your drapes.

Window film is easy to install.  There is adhesive on the film which adheres to the window.  It takes patience if you want to get a nice job.  You need to clean the windows very well before applying the film.  The film needs to be cut to proper size and them moistened and applied to the window and smoothed with a squeegee.  If you try to rush you can find yourself with a mess.  You also do not want to crease the film or you will wind up with a permanent crease.  The window film packages have complete instructions with them.

If you do not want just the plain tinted window film the choices for patterned, decorative film is huge.  You may want something to resemble stained glass, or maybe a beach scene or a garden, or a forest, or sea grass – the variety goes on and on.  These decorative panels will work well in place of café curtains if you only want to cover the lower portion of a window.  They also work well if you want to cover the small window pane in a door.

Window film once applied and established can be washed along with the  window.  After a long period of time the film may begin to look less than fresh and you may want to remove it and replace it with new.  Just follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for removing the film.  Do not just try to pull the film  off or you will be stuck for a long time removing the adhesive.

Window film is available on line and in home stores and big box stores.  Some window film comes in a very wide piece which you will have to cut.  Other window film manufacturers have smaller size sheets of window film.  Be sure to know the sizes you want your film to cover and the amount of privacy you desire before you make your purchase.  Prices for window film can vary widely.