How to Choose a Pet Carrier

petcarrierTo keep you pet safe and secure when traveling outside your home you will want to use a pet carrier.  When deciding on a pet carrier it is important to keep in mind how the carrier is to be used.  If you need the carrier just for an occasional to the vet a less expensive carrier will probably work fine.  However, it you plan to travel  you will need a better carrier.  If you plan to travel on an airline you will need a carrier that is airline approved.  Some of these are carriers that will fit under the seat.

Before purchasing a pet carrier you need to measure your pets height and length to be sure the carrier is large enough for him to travel comfortably.  It’s a good idea to add a couple of inches more than the pet’s length so he will have some room.  Therefore if  your pet measures 12 inches in length you probably need a carrier that will comfortably accommodate 14 inches.

Very small animals can be carried in a soft carrier resembling a purse.  There is a clip inside these carriers to keep your pet secure.  These soft small carriers come in a variety of materials and styles and can work well  for short excursions around town if your pet weighs only a few pounds.

There are also carriers that are larger, made of fabric and have a closure on the top and some netting on the sides for air and so the pet can see out.  These may work for short trips for a docile pet.  An aggressive pet will probably not do well with a cloth carrier.

Hard sided carriers with a handle on top for easier carrying are among the most popular carriers.  You want one that is light weight and can be washed.  If you are traveling for a distance then your carrier should have places to attach food and water bowls.  It is also nice to have some kind of pad inside to make your pet comfortable when he is going to be traveling in the carrier for a long period of time.

For a large pet a large crate style carrier can be used.  It is much more convenient for storage if these large crates collapse and fold down for easy storage.

Some pets will take to a carrier right away with no problems while with other pets some convincing will be needed to get him to use the carrier without fussing.

Carriers come in a wide range of sizes and styles and the prices vary widely depending on the type and size carrier you purchase for your pet.