How to Choose the Right Dog House

most luxurious dog house 1378If you pet spends much time outdoors a dog house is important for him.  When purchasing the dog house you first need to consider size.  This can be a rough estimate.  Is your pet small, medium or large.  You want a house which will allow the dog to comfortably turn around in it and to stretch out, but you do not want a lot of extra room. Remember a large dog cannot use a small dog house.  Dogs feel more comfortable without a lot of extra space and in winter the extra space will allow in more cold air.   If you plan to put a dog bed in the house you need to have something large enough to accommodate the bed.

Most dog houses are made of either plastic or wood.  Plastic houses are more durable and resist the wear and tear of the elements better than wood.  The plastic houses are easy to clean since they do not absorb moisture.

Wood houses are more stylish than the plastic ones.  You can build your own wooden dog house or you can purchase one.  A wood house can be stained or painted and may be built to mimic the homeowners residence.  Wood dog houses can be made of anything from plywood  to cedar.  Roofs may be shingled or plain wood.   Whichever type house you choose it helps if the dog house is raised from the ground.  Having a slightly raised floor on the dog house will provide more airflow under the house and will help reduce yard debris coming into the house.  A door on the dog house can also help keep out debris and will help control the temperature inside the house.  It can also keep out the rain.  A slanted roof will keep water from pooling on the roof.

Whatever shape you like for a dog house should work fine.  The igloo type will work as well as the rectangular type.   You might look for a dog house which has some venting near the top to allow for air to circulate.

If you live in a climate where it gets cold or really hot you should consider an insulated dog house.  This will better control the temperature inside for your pet.  A dog house with a removable roof will provide for easier cleaning.

You dog will be pleased with whatever type house you give him if it is big enough and protects him from the elements   Be sure your dog has fresh water in his house.  You can introduce him to his new house by placing treats or toys inside.

Check out your local pet stores to see different types of dog houses or check out the many dog houses available online.