How To Choose The Right Travel Luggage


Whenever you are traveling you will need to consider the luggage you will carry. The type and size of the luggage you choose is a matter of personal preference.

There are basically three types of luggage. There is the hard sided luggage which at one time was a heavy piece of luggage. Now with modern high tech plastic materials the hard sided luggage is very tough but also very lightweight. The hard sided luggage offers more protection if you have packed delicate items. There is the semi-soft luggage which has some of the protective qualities of the hard sided luggage combined with the flexibility of the soft sided style. The soft sided luggage is made of various durable materials. Many soft side luggage pieces expand to accommodate your items. Usually the soft sided luggage closes with a zipper.

For convenience when using your luggage you may want wheels and a collapsing handle. It is much easier to pull a wheeled piece of luggage then to carry luggage without wheels. You can purchase luggage with either two or four wheels.

Some luggage has outside pockets for convenience in getting to needed items. Some have a piggyback strap so you can attach and carry a second bag. Some pieces of luggage have inside pockets or waterproof pockets for easier packing.

The size luggage you use depends on the length of time you plan to be away as well as whether you plan to use your luggage as a carry-on or if you plan to check your bag.


If you are planning to carry your bag onto the plane you need to be sure the size is acceptable. Most airlines permit a carry-on of no more than 45 linear inches including wheels (add the length, height and width) and a checked bag of no more than 62 linear inches. Be sure to check the airline’s website for exact specifications for acceptable luggage sizes.

If you stuff your checked luggage you may be required to pay an extra charge for overweight baggage. A stuffed carry-on may be difficult to get into the overhead compartment.

Of course, if you are traveling by car, train or ship these size restrictions will not apply.

When purchasing luggage you want to be sure the zipper is sturdy and durable. It is best if the lock on your luggage is TSA accepted. These locks permit access by the TSA officer using a special tool they have if they need to check something inside your luggage.

The handles on your luggage should have some padding and feel comfortable for you to use.

If you are purchasing your luggage on line allow enough time so you can return it if it does not meet your needs. Purchase from a reputable dealer.

If you purchase your luggage in a store try walking around with the luggage to be sure it feels comfortable to you.

It is better to purchase a well made piece of luggage then a fancy designer bag that will not stand up to harsh treatment.

If you are checking your luggage and want to easily recognize it when it comes through the baggage area pick a pattern or color that stands out.