How To Conserve Water When You Travel


Several areas in the United States have been experiencing drought conditions for some time. It is important to try and conserve water if you plan to visit these areas. Actually, it is prudent to try and conserve water regularly whether you are traveling or at home. If you are traveling into an area with drought conditions find out what restrictions are in place so you can adhere to them.

.You can conserve on water when you are traveling by following a few simple tips.

It uses less water to take a shower than it does to fill a bathtub. Take short showers. Become familiar with the showerhead so you can adjust it not to waste the water.

When you shave or brush your teeth turn off the faucet except when you actually need to use the water.

If your toilet has a dual flush system use the lower pressure to flush liquid waste and the higher pressure only for the solid waste.

Be sure to report any leaks to management so the leak can be repaired and not continue to drip and waste more water.

If you have leftover ice or water you don’t plan to drink use it to water a plant or tree. Don’t just dump it on the sidewalk.



Carry lightweight clothing which can be easily washed by hand and hung to dry. Washing by hand takes less water then running the washing machine. Pack dark clothing which will not need to be washed as often as lighter clothing.

Only run a washing machine when you have a full load of laundry.

Conserve on your use of electricity. It takes water to generate electricity.

Suggest to the hotel that you do not need clean sheets and towels everyday. You can reuse them more than once.

Carry a water bottle and refill it from the faucet or a water fountain. You can reuse a water bottle several times. If you are in a place where you suspect the water is not safe to drink use a purifying tablet to make the water safer.

If driving on your trip carry a small funnel so you can add water to the car as needed without wasting some of the water through spillage.

Don’t expect to have water served with your meals in a drought area. If you don’t drink water when it is served to you anywhere decline to have it served. Don’t just waste it.

Don’t flush a toilet to dispose of something like a used Kleenex. Instead put the used tissue in a trash can.

These are all little steps which can help you conserve water when you are traveling or when you are at home.