How To Get What You Want From Others

If you know how to properly use it attraction is a very powerful tool to get what you want.

When you know how to do it, getting others to do what you want is not hard.  Everyday people interact with each other.  Usually it is because one person needs or wants something from the other person.

Perhaps you are in business and want to sell a product or service to someone.  The person with whom you are in contact may need or want the product or service you are selling.  It is your job to convince the prospective purchaser that you have what he needs and he will be satisfied with the services you provide for him.

Perhaps you want a prospective donor to make a charitable contribution.  Even before making the contribution the donor expects you to show some appreciation for his efforts. This will make the donor feel important and inclined to give you what you want which is a donation to the charity.

The way to get someone to do what you want is to make the other person want to do it.  You will not be successful getting someone to do what you want through intimidation or force.  If you try this method your results will be short lived and may turn into a disaster.

The simple fact is that to get people to do what you want you need to give them what they want.  That is the secret to attraction.  The basic desires of people include good health, love, and financial security.  These are the things most people want.

In addition, people want more than anything else, to feel appreciated.  It makes a person feel important if they are appreciated and complimented.  When someone feels important they feel needed and wanted.

You can make someone else feel important by giving appreciation freely, honestly, and without reservation.  Let the other person know that you appreciate a job well done or a favor received.  This will make that other person feel respected and important.

Appreciation does not necessarily need to be expressed in words.  It can be sufficient to show your appreciation with a handshake and a smile.

Again, to make someone do what you want them to do you must give this person something first.  You need to make the person feel important, appreciated and special.

Your feelings must be genuine.  If you are simply saying words and have no honest appreciation for the other person it will be noticed and you will not achieve your goal of getting what you want.  You need to truly appreciate the other person as a person, and not simply because he is doing what you want him to do.

When you feel the other person is valuable and important you can convey these feelings to that person.  Then the other person will, in all likelihood, do what you want and he will feel good about doing it for you.

Attraction is the most powerful way to get what you want.  You should practice this art so that you are able to use attraction to your benefit.