How To Get Your Baby To Sleep At Night


For the first few weeks your baby will be sleeping between ten and eighteen hours per day. However, eating will take priority for the baby over sleep. When the baby is hungry he will wake up. The baby will not have any concept of days or nights. This means the baby may chose a wake time somewhere in the middle of the night. Very young babies will normally sleep for 3 or 4 hours at a time and then wake to be fed.

Somewhere around 4 or 5 months your baby should be able to sleep about 6 hours at a time.

You can begin a routine to encourage good sleep habits when your baby is about two months old. Play a quiet activity with the baby and keep the activities the same and in the same order each night. Be sure the activities are calm and peaceful and that the baby has been fed and changed. This can be the time when you rock and cuddle the baby before bed. When your baby appears to be getting drowsy soothe the baby and then put him down to sleep.

It is not necessary or advisable to cuddle or rock your baby until he has fallen asleep. It is better if the baby is just drowsy and then finishes going off to sleep by himself in his bed.

When you put your baby down to sleep place him on his back on a firm sleep surface. A car seat, water or air bed, recliner, etc. are too dangerous to be used as places for a baby to sleep. Keep everything loose out of the baby’s bed such as pads or pillows. Never smoke in a baby’s room or around the baby at all.


Whether you give a baby a pacifier for naptime or bedtime is a matter of personal choice. Whether or not you use a baby monitor is also a matter of choice although most parents feel safer using one.

To keep a routine you want to put the baby down to sleep at the same time each evening and get the baby up at regular times in the morning. The same is true for nap times.

In the early days you and your infant may find it comforting to sleep in the same room. Not in the same bed. The baby should be sleeping either in a bassinet or crib.

Some parents have been successful getting a baby to sleep through the night by letting the baby cry it out for a few nights. The idea is you follow your normal sleep time routine then put the baby down to sleep in his bed. If the baby cries when you put him down you don’t pick him up again you just leave the room and let him cry it out. If the crying continues check in after 5 minutes but don’t do more than look to be sure everything is alright. Make the time longer before you check on baby again. Eventually he will soothe himself to sleep. After several nights of crying it out the baby should be soothing himself to sleep without crying first.

It takes work to teach your baby to follow a sleep routine. Every baby is different so you will need to determine what will work for you and your baby.

Once you have a sleeping schedule in place both you and your baby will be able to achieve the restful sleep everyone needs.