How To Keep Plants Alive Inside Your Home

IMG_3466Plants can be a great addition to your home whether your residence is an apartment, condo or house. In addition to adding warmth and charm to a room plants can also help filter the air in your home.

You don’t need to be a gardener or have a green thumb to be successful with growing houseplants plants.

There are a few things you want to consider to help your indoor plants thrive.

It’s very easy to give a plant too much water causing the roots of your plant to rot. In order to help prevent a problem with water a plant needs to have drainage. Just having holes in the bottom of the pot is not enough. You should include a layer of stones, gravel or rocks in the bottom of the pot to allow more drainage. To keep the gravel or stones from falling out the holes in the bottom of the pot line the bottom of the pot with a coffee filter. Allow the soil in the pot to dry a little bit before watering again.

The humidity in the room is very important for a healthy plant. Tropical plants will usually like more humidity than other plants. You can spritz your plant’s leaves with water every day or two. You may want to place a layer of gravel in the bottom of your flowerpot and then place the pot in a pan with water.


Plants which do not like a great deal of light will probably turn brown if placed in too much light.

You may want to use a water soluble fertilizer for your plants a few times a year during the growing season.

Plants do not like change. If you have a plant in a space where it is growing nicely and getting the proper light let it remain in that place. Switching around the plant location can cause shock to the plant and it may not do too well.

Some plants are much easier to grow then others. If you are a beginner or think you have a brown thumb you might want to consider a snake plant, aloe, African violet, pothos or spider plant.

The snake plant also called mother-in-laws tongue is almost impossible to destroy. This plant will live in either high or low light and high or low temperatures. It requires very little care.

The aloe plant does very well on a window sill with some light. You only need to water it every two or three weeks. If you have a burn or wound you can break off a leaf and use the gel inside to promote healing.

The African violet looks like a delicate flowering plant. It will do well if you water once a week and display on a side table so it does receive some light.

A pothos plant needs little care. It will survive even if watered only once a week. Usually the poothos is in a larger pot since the vine grows very long and full. These plants make lovely hanging baskets.3Spider plants are low maintenance. They will tolerate a haphazard watering schedule. You can tell when the plant needs to be watered since it will droop. Spider plants do well in natural light.

Your plants can be healthy and happy with just a little care and attention. You don’t need to have a green thumb to enjoy the beauty of growing plants inside your home.