How To Keep Your Hamster Quiet At Night


Hamsters are naturally nocturnal animals so getting them to sleep at night is almost impossible. Trying to change a hamster’s sleep cycle can cause health problems for the hamster and can cause the animal to become cranky, unfriendly and likely to bite.

Hopefully when you purchased your hamster you were aware it was a nocturnal creature and were willing to adapt and accommodate the needs of the pet.

The bedroom is probably not the ideal space to house your hamster because of the noise it creates at night.

To have a more quiet night with a hamster in the house it is ideal if you have a spare room where the hamster’s nighttime noise won’t be so easily heard. Do not place the hamster cage in direct sunlight since this will disturb its sleep cycle.


A metal cage is nice, but the hamster will likely chew on the bars which will create noise. Try housing your hamster in something other that a metal cage such as an aquarium or plastic module unit which will be more quiet.

Make it a point to handle and play with your hamster just before you plan to retire for the night. That way the hamster may be a little less active when you are trying to go to sleep.

If you have to awaken your hamster from sleep do not startle it. Instead speak softly to wake it up.

Your hamster needs a wheel for exercise and night is when it will be running on the wheel. Removing the wheel to avoid the noise can be harmful to the hamster’s health. To avoid being disturbed by your hamster running on the wheel during the night you can purchase a quiet wheel called the “Silent Spinner”. Many hamster parents say they do not even hear the silent spinner wheel when it is being used.

If the noise from the hamster is annoying you at night try listening to some soft music to drown out the hamster noise and help you get to sleep.