How To Make College More Affordable For You!


Many young adults are graduating from college (or dropping out of college) burdened by a huge amount of debt. It may be student loan debt or it may be credit card debt or a combination of the two. There are several steps you can take to make your college education more affordable.

When you are deciding which college to attend take into consideration the costs involved as well as the courses offered. Can you get the same classes at a public college as at a private one. The difference in cost can be staggering. The cost should not be your most important consideration, but it needs to be a part of the evaluation.

While you are deciding which college to attend you also want to consider the opportunities in the field you wish to enter. Be sure there will be job opportunities available and a need for someone trained in your particular field of interest.

Consider attending a local community college for the first two years. Be sure the credits you earn will be transferable toward your college degree. Courses at a local community college will be much less expensive than at a four year college. In fact, you may be able to obtain a full course of credits at a community college for around $1,000.

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Consider taking some courses online. Again, be sure these credits will be accepted and are transferable to another college later.

Plan to work at a paying job during the summer and save the bulk of these funds toward your education. If possible, you might try working part-time while attending school.

After you finish your first two years at the local community college continue your education at a local state university for the last two years. Costs for state universities vary from state to state, but tuition for residents of the state are pretty reasonable.

Consider living at home if this is acceptable with your parents. While living at home commute to your classes. This will save paying the costs for room and board.

If you are able to purchase your textbooks used this will save money too. The cheapest way to find the used textbooks may be to buy from a student who have just finished the course. Another possibility may by the check and see if the textbooks are available to borrow from the library.

Avoid incurring credit card debt and, if possible, try and avoid student loan debt or keep the student loan debt as minimal as possible. You do not want to be paying for either credit card debt or student loan debt years and years after you have finished college.