How To Make Money By Recycling

When we recycle our trash and unwanted usable items we are able to greatly reduce the amount of waste accumulating in our landfills.  Recycling can help reduce air, water and soil pollution and it helps preserve our natural resources. Recycle Sign made with US Dollars isolated

Recycling is also a way you can make money while at the same time helping the environment.  There are many ways you can profit from recycling.  The amount of money you can make will depend on the amount of time and effort you are willing to devote to the project.

Aluminum and glass are two of the most common recyclable items.  Aluminum products, including aluminum cans, can be made into any number of items.  Glass items including drinking glasses, food jars and glass containers are accepted for recycle.  You simply need to accumulate a supply of glass and/or aluminum then take them to a recycling center where they will pay you for the items.  Window glass, mirrors and crystal are not considered recyclable items.

If you decide you want to do some recycling you need to establish a place to safely collect and store your recycle materials until you take them to sell.  Space in a garage, basement or shed can work very well as a place to store your recycle materials.

After you have accumulated a good amount of aluminum, glass and even newspapers you can take the items to a recycle center that pays for recycling materials and collect some cash.  Your friends and neighbors may be willing to donate their unwanted aluminum or glass or whatever is recyclable to you.

If you are interested in growing your business you might let people know that you are willing to pick up recyclable materials right from their home.  This way they may offer you larger items you can take to a recycling center and sell.

If you are able to obtain old computers or computer monitors there are companies that will pay for these items since these electronics can be upgraded for reuse. Once the old computers are upgraded and refurbished they are resold.   Other electronic components like memory cards and circuit boards can be resold or recycled.

Some recycling centers will buy used printer ink cartridges.  Or, you can learn to refill the cartridges yourself and then sell the refurbished cartridge someplace like eBay.

There are some recycling companies that will buy used cellular phones.  Check online to find outlets for used phones.

You can make money by selling items you have accumulated over the years in your basement, garage or attic and no longer need or want.  Take clothing that is still in good condition to a consignment shop to earn a few dollars.  Vintage clothing is popular too.   Old furniture, crystal, silver, dishes, kitchen items, exercise equipment, books, CDs, vinyl records, old games and toys, jewelry, pictures, etc. can be sold at a flea market, or on an auction website like eBay.  You may have some more valuable items you can sell to an antique dealer.  Items in not very good shape you may be able to sell to a secondhand dealer or even a junk dealer.