How to Recycle Tires

Recycling is defined as the process of repurposing used and waste materials and turning them into new products.  Some commonly recycled materials include glass, plastic, metal, paper, aluminum, building materials, textiles and various electronic components.  It is also possible to recycle old or used car tires.  Here are the right methods for recycling old vehicle tires.

At one time recycling used vehicle tires was a nightmare.  Years ago many people simply dumped their old tires into a ditch or a field and abandoned these tires.  Years ago there were no options for reusing the tires and so recycling was not an option.

At that time there were a few companies that would take old tires and then burn the tires in an open pit.  Burning the tires was not safe for the environment, however.  The burning tires released toxic substances into the air such as cadmium, lead, arsenic, mercury, and chromium.  Inhaling these toxic fumes from the burning tires led to a host of cardiac and respiratory problems.

Now with more advanced technology old used tires can be disposed of safely and these tires can be recycled.  It is estimated that approximately 1.3 billion tires are sold each year worldwide.  Today more than eighty percent of used tires find their way to a recycling center as compared to only ten percent of discarded tires being recycled years ago.

There have been hundreds of applications developed to handle recycling and reusing used car components and materials.  It is estimated that one in four of the used tires today are retreaded and used again for another motor vehicle.  Many used tires today are ground upand chopped and used as a base for gravel roads.  These ground up tires are also used as a substitute for sand and gravel in road construction activities.  Additionally, used tires are chopped up and mixed as part of the surface for indoor tennis courts and indoor sports playing fields.  Some old used tires are recycled and made into door mats.

Although the improper disposal or burning of used tires has not completely disappeared, the proper disposal and recycling of these items has greatly improved.  There is a newer process known as pyrolysis.  This is an eco-friendly technique which uses a special mechanism for heating old tires in a closed and oxygen-free environment.  There is also an electro-magnetic pyrolysis process which helps churn out metal, gas, carbon and artificial oil by-products.  Through pyrolysis, a recycle automobile tire is able to yield a little more than two pounds of steel, almost nine pounds of carbon, four liters of oil and eight hundred fifty liters of reusable combustible gas.

There are many ways used tires are being recycled.  In some areas steel mills are effectively replacing coal and other sources for powering their machines by using the old tires as a carbon source.  Used tires are now being used as barriers for rainwater runoff control and erosion.  Used tires are also used as road collision barriers and wave-action barriers to protect ports and coastal areas.america-driving