How to Select the Best Elliptical Trainer

mmnpElliptical trainers (also called elliptical machines) are one of the newer pieces of cardio exercise equipment.  Most people find elliptical trainers easy to use and less stressful on joints than a treadmill.  They can give a good low impact cardio workout without a lot of pounding  on your joints.  They work well for people who do moderate exercising.  If space in your home is limited and cannot accommodate several pieces of gym equipment such as a treadmill, an exercise bike and maybe a stair stepper then an elliptical trainer may be what you want.

Before purchasing an elliptical trainer be sure to measure the space you have available at home so you will know what machines you can consider when you visit the stores.  When researching  the elliptical trainer you are thinking of buying  you want to look at how quiet the machine is when in use,  is the stride length long enough – some machines only offer 14 inches which is too small for most people, is the resistance adjustable so you get maximum benefits from your workout and does the machine have a smooth motion and feel when you use it or does it seem rough, does it have arm handles to add to the workout, is the console in a place that is easy for you to read, does it have warm up and cool down features.   Other options may include an adjustable incline, a step lock for child safety, a heart rate monitor, the ability to hook your elliptical trainer to your computer and a website that takes you through your workout.

Check out various elliptical trainers at the store, get the feel for the machine and then read reviews from people who own and use them.  The price for an elliptical machine varies from a few hundred dollars for the low end machine to several thousand for the best machines.  If you do moderate exercising you may be able to use the lower priced elliptical machine, but if you are a serious trainer you may want a more expensive elliptical,  The lower priced machines may not be as smooth as the more expensive ones and they may not last as long. As with any gym equipment the more options you add to your basic elliptical trainer the higher the price.  You will need to decide what is important to you.