How To Sell A Time Share?


If you are hoping to sell your time share you will need to develop some patience.  Purchasing your time share was easy.  Selling this same time share will not be easy,  However, if you need to sell your time share quickly you might want to try using an online auction site such as eBay.

Time shares were very popular at one time.  Unfortunately there is very little market now for the resale of time shares.  The number of time shares available for resale on the market today is much greater than the number of buyers interested in them.  One reason may be the fact that the maintenance fees associated with time shares keep climbing.

Hopefully you purchased your time share originally as something you could use and enjoy and not as an investment where  you would reap considerable profit on its sale.

When you go to sell your time share you might consider starting with the company you bought from.  They may have a resale program or they may know of some interested buyers.

Talk with some other time share owners and see if they know anyone interested in buying.

List your time share online.  Perhaps on a site such as Craig list.  Post a notice on a neighborhood bulletin board in the time share proximity.  Advertise in a time share publication and advertise in time share related locations.

You can look into using a real estate broker to sell your time share, but the fees may be too high compared to what you will receive from the sale.


Plan to sell your time share for a realistic price.  Just because you paid $15,000 for your time share when you purchased it now it is not likely you will get anything like this amount.  When setting your price check to see what others are asking for comparable time shares.  Keep in mind that if a buyer sees several comparable time shares heSometimes it may be necessary for the yoga instructor to confer with the care giver who is assisting the senior.  Sometimes it will help if the care giver participates in the yoga practice together with the senior in their care.

will probably chose to purchase the one with the lowest price.

Be careful to watch out for companies that say they will purchase your time.  Some of these are scams so do your research before committing to them.  Watch out for a company that wants an upfront fee of several hundred dollars to find you a buyer.  You may wait and wait and their buyer may never appear.  Whether you get your deposit refunded is not always a sure thing.

If you are unable to sell your time share and can afford to do it you might want to consider donating your time share and claiming a tax credit.  Be sure to talk with our tax adviser before you do this.

It may be possible to sell your time share as long as you are willing to wait for a buyer and as long as our are willing to accept a lower price than you paid.  If course, this means if you sell for a lower price and still owe more on you time share then you receive you will need to pay off the balance still due yourself.