How Well Do You Know Those You Network?

Networking is very important to anyone in business.  It is the ultimate form of promotion not only for your business, but also for yourself.  Networking can help you obtain that new client, it can help you move up in the corporate world, and it can help you to find and secure that new job.

Whether you realize it or not, anytime you attend a meeting, seminar, trade show or social function you are networking.  The relationships that you build with people makes a difference between success and failure.

When you look at a prospect as simply someone to pitch an idea to for a sale you are missing an opportunity.  It is much better to take the time to get to know someone.

How well you get to know a person is the important fact.  You can be acquainted with lots of people, but it is the people who know and trust you and who you know and trust in return that can be the building blocks for your success.

When you get to know someone, and get to know their wants and needs as well as their dreams, and then you make an honest effort to help them reach these goals, you are on the fast track to doing business with them.  You are building trust, a comfort level, and confidence which will all help you to make that sale and will lead to the other party thinking of you as a trusted resource.  They are likely to be a source of other referrals to you.

Trust is a hard feeling to measure.  Trust comes when someone else gets to know you and learns more about you and your business, its features, service and prices.  There are times when you will need to be not only a salesperson, but an advisor.  Your focus is to find the needs of the other party and then fulfill that need and help them to reach their goal.  The other party will trust you as an advisor when they feel comfortable that you are not just making a fast sale, but also have their interests in mind.

When you meet prospective clients, keep in mind that they are people just like you.  The prospect has needs you cannot fulfill, but he also has needs that you and your company can supply.  It is up to you to learn how you and your company and product can help this prospective client meet his needs.

People may purchase products based on a specific brand because they trust that brand to be of good quality.  Some others may purchase a product based on price.  However, most purchases are made because the customer feels comfortable buying the product and trusts the quality of the product and the salesman or company selling the product.

Networking and selling are both all about relationships.  Whether you realize it or not you are selling in everything you do.  You want your selling to be more effective and more profitable.  It is time to change the way you look at and think about the prospect.  It is time to think about building a relationship based on confidence and trust.  When you see the prospect in this light, the prospect will also see you in a favorable light.