Investing In Gold 

There are people who want to invest but are hesitant to put money into the stock market.  If this is your dilemma you might want to consider investing in something tangible like gold.   

Many people only think of jewelry pieces when they think of gold.  If you want to invest in gold you should consider investing in either gold coins or gold bars.  You will have to determine what type gold you should buy. 

Investing in gold coins may be the best way for a beginner to start. Gold coins are a good option for the smaller investor.  These coins are small and can be bought in small numbers.  This makes them easy to buy, move and store. Purchase only government made coins and not coins which are privately minted.  The government coins tend to have a higher value since their quality is well known among investors. If you purchase a coin that is either older or rarer you may be able to sell it for more money than just the value of the gold. 

How successful you will be at investing in gold depends on how much time you will spend learning all you can about buying and selling gold.  Learn about the history of trading gold and learn what potential there is for you as an investor.  Don’t simply take the advice of someone else.  Knowledge is power and to be successful you need to develop the knowledge. 

You need to locate a good, honest, reliable dealer.  It helps to have a local dealer so you can contact them if you have any questions or concerns.  If you don’t have any dealers in your location, then you can purchase gold from online dealers.  You may get better price options from a dealer online, but it’s hard to judge someone you have never met.  If you do decide to invest online be sure to research the dealer thoroughly before doing business with him. 

Regardless of whether you are investing in the stock market or investing in gold there is a risk.   Investments will go up and they will come down.  For this reason, you do not want to invest more than you can afford.  Don’t by enticed to go overboard.  Do not purchase investments using your credit card because you don’t have the money for the purchase.  Bad idea.  Since gold coins are small you should purchase only a few at a time as you can afford them. 

If you purchase gold coins you need a safe place to keep them.  It is better to take physical possession of your gold investment as soon as you make the purchase.  Some investors let the investment company or the coin company hold the coins for them.  This may seem like a good secure plan, but if the company goes out of business or if the company is dishonest you may very well lose your investment. 

The small size of gold coins makes them easy to steal.  Either put your gold coins in a safe deposit box at a bank or invest in a good quality home safe that is bolted to the floor.  If you want to avoid the risk of being robbed, do not talk to anyone about the expensive gold you have in your home. 

Investing in gold can be a good hedge when stocks are not doing well.  Gold almost always will go up in value.  You just need to be willing to wait for the value of your investment to increase.  You should not expect any immediate increase in value.   

Again, do your homework so you know what you are buying.  And, be sure you can afford to make the investment purchase.