Is He Just Too Boring?

alg-dating-jpgYou may be out and see a great looking man staring at you from across the room.  Wonderful!  The guy is as handsome as a Greek God.  He is tall and very well built with a thick head of shiny hair.  As he comes nearer you see that he has beautiful penetrating eyes too.

You think dreams might be coming true when this handsome hunk walks over to you and starts a conversation.  A little later you find yourself happily accepting his invitation to dinner on the weekend.

When the weekend arrives you and this handsome man go out to dinner and get to know each other better.  At dinner you realize that you are carrying on most of the conversation.  Since he is such a good listener it took you awhile to notice that you were doing all the talking.  You try to draw him out by asking questions.  He responds to your questions, but just gives simple straight forward answers without adding any interesting or colorful facts to the conversation.  You decide he just feels shy when talking about himself.

The following day this guy sends you flowers with a note saying he enjoyed the evening and asking you for a second date.  You think the note and flowers are a sweet gesture and agree to go out with him again.

The second date is very much like the first date.  He has very little to add to a conversation.  At the end of the evening you expect him to attempt to kiss you goodnight.  When he makes no attempt at a kiss you go ahead and kiss him goodnight.  You are surprised when he gives a very unromantic closed lip kiss almost like a brother (If you ever would kiss your brother on the lips).

He wants to see you again and since he is such a handsome man you agree to the third date.  By now you really do not know what to expect.  Often the third date will lead to the bedroom.  However, this guy does not seem to have any inclination to move the relationship to the bedroom or for that matter to any place else.  He does still want to see you again.

You start to wonder if this good looking man is just boring or is he gay.  Perhaps he is not aware of how to be with someone.  Perhaps he simply does not have anything to say.  He may be someone who has no hobbies or any other interests and is just a person who has nothing interesting to say.  He really is not an entertaining person to be around.  This can give you a good idea of why this attractive male is still single and available.

It is not likely this guy will improve and become more interesting and entertaining unless you can find something within him that causes enthusiasm.  He will probably be a boring person his entire life.

If you are only interested in having a great looking man on your arm you might want to continue dating this guy.  Don’t expect an exciting or even interesting relationship. When it comes to enjoying life the boring man has nothing going for him.  The sooner you realize this the better off you will be.  You may want to get out of this relationship sooner rather than later.