Is There Romance After You Have Children?

When a couple is deciding to begin a family one of the things they probably fail to consider is how a baby will change their lives together.  Once the baby is born he or she will need a great deal of care and attention.  When you have a baby you will no longer be able to take spur of the moment trips out for dinner or shopping or just a night on the town.  In order to go out you will either need to round up a baby sitter or go to some place where you can take the baby with you.

The opportunity for a special romantic evening at home without interference from the baby can be few and far between.  Babies have a habit of regularly interrupting those romantic moments between you and your partner.  Another problem is that when you and your partner are finally able to fall into bed together you are so exhausted that sex is the last thing on your mind.  Between the lack of time together and the lack of energy you are probably feeling like the romance has gone from your relationship forever.  You don’t want to let this happen.  It is important that you keep the romance in your relationship in spite of the fact that you now have a baby.  You need to put strategies in place even before the baby is born to allow you and your partner to enjoy the special time together.  After the baby is born you may not have the time to put a plan together.

When you are caring for a baby your freedom is practically non-existent.  This can create a problem in the relationship between the two partners.  You can help remedy this problem by having a couple of reliable babysitters on hand that you can call.  If you have the money you may want to employ a nanny who lives in your home and is on call 24 hours a day.

If you live near either or both parents or other doting relatives you may be lucky.  Grandparents are usually thrilled to babysit anytime you ask them.  In fact, they may even want to take care of the baby even at times when you don ‘t have any plans.  If the grandparents are anxious to babysit let them do it.  If they didn’t want to take care of the baby they would not volunteer.  Family members who act as built-in babysitters can be lifesavers.

If you don ‘t live near relatives who can help with babysitting you will need to look in another direction.  It is a good idea to find reliable responsible babysitters even before the baby arrives.  You will need to interview several candidates and be sure to check all references.  If you have reliable trusted friends who are willing to care for the baby be sure to put them on your list.  It’s a good policy to have several reliable babysitters you can call so that someone will be available if you run into some problems.

When your baby is born you may be shocked to find that you love the baby more than you’ve ever loved anyone or anything in your life.  You may feel that you cannot bear to leave the baby even for a minute because you are so fascinated.  Remember that in order to be a good parent you need to be a real person and that includes finding time for romance