Is Your Car Insured For Your Kid’s Learners Permit?

When it gets near time for your teen to get a learners permit to drive you need to talk with your car insurance agent. You can read your own policy to try and ascertain if the child on a learners permit will be covered.  It is easier to discuss this with your agent so you are sure you have the correct information.

The rules on whether a child is covered under your car insurance policy while driving on a learners permit varies from state to state.  Additionally, car insurance companied have different requirements about coverage for those on a learners permit.

Whatever you do do not take the risk of letting your child drive on a learners permit without knowing whether or not the insurance covers him.  An uninsured accident can cause financial ruin for you.

Some states allow a child with a learners permit to be covered under the existing insurance policy of the parent or guardian.  The child’s name will not be added to the policy until he receives an actual drivers license.  To be covered under your policy on a learners permit the child will have to live in the  home and a licensed responsible adult driver over 21 will need to be in the front passenger seat when the child is driving on his permit.  If the person with a learners permit is not living at home he may be able to be covered under a group policy with a friend, roommate or partner.  The person with the learner permit must live in the home with the person who has the car insurance policy and that person must be in the car when the learner is driving.

When your child is on a learners permit his coverage is considered temporary and  your rate may not change.  However, once your child is licensed and added to your policy as a driver you can expect a large increase in the policy premium.

Young new drivers are inexperienced and immature.  Young drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 are responsible for the highest annual rate of crashes and traffic violations of any other age group.

When it becomes time for your child to drive you want to consider a few things.

First talk with your insurance agent.  When  you have to add your child to your car insurance policy get a quote on the increased rate from your agent.  If the amount is too high you might want to shop around and see if you can find a lower rate.  If the child carries good grades you may be able to take advantage of a good student discount.  If the child has completed a driving course you may be able to get a discount.

Since your child is going to be driving and you will be at greater risk of an accident by the child you might want to raise the liability amount your carry.

You want to be sure and monitor your child’s driving habits and insist on responsible safe driving conduct.  Often young people do not realize the dangers associated with driving a car.