It May Be Best To Tell A Little White Lie

Sometimes it might be a good idea to tell that little white lie.  A little white lie is usually told to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.  Just about every guy has been confronted by his wife or girlfriend asking the questions “does this outfit make me look fat?”.

Or perhaps she has spent all day at the beauty shop and has a hairdo you think is unflattering.            You don’t want to hurt her feelings, but you don’t think the outfit or hairstyle is very becoming to her.  Should you tell her the truth or should you tell that little white lie and say she looks fine?  You will need to think quickly and seriously before giving your answer.

If she really likes the outfit or hairdo and it is not really terrible then go ahead and tell that little white lie and say she looks nice.  If, on the other hand, the outfit is horrible then you need to convincing answer in the negative and suggest something else that is more flattering.  Suggest some other clothing and tell her how much you like seeing her in this other outfit and how you think the other outfit is so very flattering to her coloring and figure.  Flattery will usually go a long way.  You can’t expect your wife or girlfriend to get rid of a hairstyle you don’t like right after she comes home from the beauty shop. She has spent a good deal of money and time to get this look.  It might be best to tell her she looks fine, but you love the way she looks with her previous hairstyle and hope she will return to it soon.

A similar problem can arise if a female has a sensitive male in her life.  Perhaps he has decided to use gell and spike up his hair when you are going out for a casual evening.  You think his hair looks awful, but he thinks it looks good.  If you are not going someplace where it will matter, then don’t tell him he looks silly with his hair style.  If he encounters some side glances or not so discreet giggles just cross your fingers and tell him, you have no idea what others are staring at because you think he looks fine.  That’s your little white lie.

If your partner is going out in public and his or her appearance will not be ridiculed or made fun of to a huge degree then let it go, if you partner is happy about the way he or she look and the look is not too totally ridiculous then agree with your partner that they look nice.  These are the types of little white lies that usually don’t hurt anyone.  Simply agree with your partner that they lookfine and hope and pray the phase will quickly pass.