Keeping A Pot Bellied Pig As A Pet


A pot bellied pig may be the best pet or it may be the worst pet. Much of the way a pot bellied pig will behave in the household depends on the training he receives from his owner.

The pig needs to know that he can trust his human owner. He also needs to know the boundaries and what is expected.

Since pigs are extremely intelligent they are easy to train. In fact, on the intelligence scale the pigs are only two levels below the human. The monkey family and dolphin family rank higher than pigs on the intelligence scale.

Contrary to what many people may think a pot bellied pig who is several years of age is not small. The pig will likely weigh somewhere around 125 pounds. This makes it difficult to get a grown pig into a car for a trip to the vet. It also makes it difficult to have a pot bellied pig in a small home or apartment.

In addition to their intelligence a pot bellied pig is sensitive, playful, curious, odor free and clean. A pig can be house trained to use either a litter box or go outdoors. He can be taught to walk on a leash and do some tricks. A pig can be trained pretty much the same as a dog.

A pig will need a litter box with much lower sides than one used for a cat. Later the pig will need a box much larger than one used by a cat. You can use layers of newspaper in the litter box and remove as necessary.

In order to give a pig some exercise and stimulation he will do well with access to a safe fenced yard. If you install a dog door the pig can come and go outside as he wishes. Soft dirt in the yard will allow the pig to dig and explore and this is important for him.

Since pigs are so intelligent and curious they can be a handful. A pig can learn to open cupboards, open refrigerators and raid pantries in search of food. The pig can be v ery demanding when he wants food. He may turn trashcans over in his quest for something to eat.


Pigs are territorial and can become aggressive. The pig needs to be taught that his human owner is number one and needs to be respected.

A pig will respond to firm gentle discipline. He will respond well to positive reinforcement and needs praise for good behavior and consistent rules. The pig’s owner needs to use patience when training a pig to be an asset to the household.

Pot bellied pigs need to be neutered or spayed or they can become whiney and demanding since pigs are very hormonal.

Pot bellied pigs have a rather long life span. You can expect a pig to live anywhere from 12 to 20 years.

Since pigs like to push things around you probably will not want to use breakable bowls for his food or water. The pig will need wide bowls which are easy to clean.

Deciding to bring a pot bellied pig into your home as a pet is a long term commitment. They can be wonderful, caring pets, but they will require training and love.

Unfortunately, many people have taken tiny cute pot bellied pigs into their homes and then decided the pig is too much work and trouble once it has grown. This is not fair to the pig so you want to be very sure owning a pot bellied pig is the right pet for you before you take one into your home.