Keyless Push Button Ignitions May Be Dangerous


Since the middle of the 1990s the keyless push button ignition has been available on some vehicles. As the popularity of this feature has increased more car manufacturers have included this feature on their automobile.

With the keyless push button ignition the driver carries a key fob in his pocket or purse. This key fob is a small device which permit’s the driver to start the car by pressing the start button on the dashboard. There is no key to put into an ignition. Instead the key fob give a signal to the car’s computer. If the embedded coded systems are a match the car turns on.

The cars are usually turned off by again pushing the button on the dashboard.

The danger of these keyless push button ignition cars comes from the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning, The carbon monoxide poisoning can occur when the car is parked in a garage and inadvertently left on. The car may be left on as an oversight. All drivers were used to putting a car in park and then removing the key from the ignition before exiting.

31032450_mlWith the keyless push button ignition it is possible for the driver to exit the car while forgetting to push the button to turn it off. In this case the car will continue to idle even if you have taken the key fob with you.

The danger of carbon monoxide poisoning from a running car engine in a garage increases when your car is a hybrid or plug in hybrid. These cars are almost silent when they are in electric mode and sitting still. Since the engine is no longer running the driver may think the engine is turned off. However, if for some reason the car computer senses a system has a need to activate then the engine can restart itself if the car is not completely turned off.

There have been lawsuits for the carbon monoxide deaths of individuals killed when their cars with keyless push button ignitions were not completely turned off and were parked in an enclosed garage attached to the home.

This problem can be avoided if the car manufacturers will install an alarm which alerts the driver if you exit the car and the engine is not completely turned off.

Some manufacturers have this safety equipment on their cars. Cars with audible alerts include, but may not be limited to, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru and Toyota.

Until such time as all car manufacturers install alarms to alert drivers their car is still on it will be up to the driver to protect himself by making certain his car engine is turned off.

Having a keyless push button ignition is easy and convenient to use. You simply need to be aware of the possible risks so you can avoid any problems.