Know What Sites Your Children Visit On The Internet

Many children today have access to the internet.  With access to the World Wide Web these children have a wealth of information at their fingertips.  Some of this information is very helpful for the child.  Other sites should be off limits to children.

It is critically important that parents monitor where their child is going on the web.  When you talk with your child you will discover he/she has developed opinions on various topics that he could only have seen on the web.  These ideas the child has developed may be entirely different than what you promote for your own family.  The ideas the child has picked up may be entirely wrong.

The internet allows access to the largest most impressive set of information that has ever been conceived.  Unfortunately, some of this information is not correct and some sites can be harmful to children.  More than half of the children who surf the web have been exposed to pornographic material which was portrayed in an unnatural manner.  If you child is exposed to this material he/she is getting the wrong information about this very delicate subject.  If you are not monitoring your child when he/she is on the internet you will not be aware of his/her exposure to this trash.

Exposure to pornographic material is not the only danger for children on the internet.  Children spend hours chatting online.  If they are chatting with their known friends this is fine.  However, often children are chatting with people they do not know and this can lead to trouble.  There is no way of knowing if the unknown person chatting with your child is another child or an adult pretending to be a child.

Criminals will prey on children.  Children are innocent and trusting.  They may  often give out more information than they should.  The criminal will then use this information for his own advantage.  There have been cases where a child went to meet the person with whom they chatted on line and the result was disastrous.  There have been instances where someone convinced the child to send inappropriate pictures and this, too, has been a disaster for the child.

When your children are connected to the internet they are always exposed to danger.  You need to control what your child does online and what sites he/she visits so you can help avoid a problem.  The only way to accomplish this is by using software or programs specifically designed for the purpose of monitoring a child’s internet activity.

Your child is not going to like having his/her internet activities monitored, but it is necessary to keep the child safe.  You are not right there with your child all the time when he/she is on the internet.  You probably are not aware of the many hours spent chatting on the web with others.  Many of these conversations in which the child participates are not under the control of your child.  Children can be easily led.

There are many reasons why you, the parent, need to monitor your child’s activity on the internet.  You need to keep the child safe and heading in the right direction.