Learn How To Recondition Batteries

Most people throw away their batteries when they get old.  Did you know that with battery reconditioning you do not need to throw away those old batteries?  Instead with reconditioning the batteries can be restored to use again. 

Reconditioning and reusing batteries is a great way to save money and also to help save the environment.  You can recondition and reuse the batteries in your car, your cell phones as well as the batteries in other electronic devices.

Once you learn how to recondition batteries you can provide this service to other people and earn some extra money.  First you need to learn what battery reconditioning is.  It is not battery recharging.

When you recharge a battery you add some charge to the battery so it is a full charge for a period of time.  The more often you charge your battery the more the capacity to hold the charge may be reduced so you will need to charge your battery more often.

When you recondition your battery you restore the full capabilities of the battery so that it can be used and will perform like a new battery.  You can use a reconditioning company to recondition your battery or you can learn to perform this task yourself.

Various types of batteries can be reconditioned.  You can recondition Alkaline, Lithium,  Oxyride, Rechargeable Alkaline, NiCad, Heavy Duty and NiMH batteries.  Different types of batteries follow different methods for reconditioning.  There are certain materials that you will need to recondition your battery.

Batteries can contain harmful chemicals. You want to take all safety precautions before you start your reconditioning process.  Choose a well-lit well ventilated space in which to work.  Gather together all the materials you will need to use before starting your project.

Always be aware that the batteries and the materials required for reconditioning them are dangerous materials so safety is of the utmost importance. Do not attempt to rush through the process of reconditioning a battery.  Be aware that the battery has a lead surface which gets coated over time and this coating is what causes the reduction in the capacity of the battery to hold a charge.  The coating accumulation on the lead plate of the battery is known as sulfation.

Some of the materials you will need for battery reconditioning include an old battery, 12-volt battery charger, digital multimeter or battery tester and protective gloves as well as protective googles.  It is a good idea to wear a long sleeve shirt when working on your battery reconditioning.

Before you can start the reconditioning process you first need to determine whether the battery is susceptible to reconditioning or not.

If you are not sure about the process of battery reconditioning or you do not feel confident doing this task yourself, seek help from a professional or someone else experienced in reconditioning batteries.

Your battery will discharge itself when it is not being used.  You should avoid this problem.  Keep your equipment batteries charged to avoid sulfation.