Look Younger

As we get older our facial muscles will lose elasticity.  You may begin to notice some wrinkles around the eyes and face.  You may notice some saggy skin around the throat and neck areas.  You may notice dark circles or puffiness under your eyes.  All of these changes are natural as you age.  However, they do make you look older.

Some people resort to expensive cosmetic surgery to try and correct some of these problems.  There are some exercises you can do to reduce sagging skin.  There are also products available that will help reduce the aging signs of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

Here are a few simple exercises that will help reduce sagging skin and tone the throat and neck.

Sit on the floor facing forward with your legs comfortably folded and your back straight.  Tilt your head slowly and move your jaw up and down.  Hold this position for ten seconds and then return to the forward-facing position.  Repeat this exercise four times.

Now in the same sitting position you want to relax your shoulders and look straight ahead.  Then turn your head slowly to the right and have your chin even with your shoulder.  Hold this position for five seconds and then return to looking straight ahead.  Repeat this exercise for the left side, holding the position for five seconds and returning to the middle.  Do four sets of this exercise on each side.

Still in the same sitting position tilt your head backwards and hold this position for 10 seconds.  Return the head to the forward position.  Repeat this exercise six times.  You should feel the stretch in the jaw line as you do this exercise.

Stay in the same sitting position and tilt your head to the right side and hold it for five seconds.  Come back to the middle and tilt your head to the left side and hold for five seconds and return to the middle.  Repeat this exercise on both sides four times.  Again, you should feel the stretch in your neck during this exercise.

If you do these exercises every day you should notice improvement in a few weeks.

If you want to reduce the dark circles and puffiness under your eyes there are a few natural remedies you can try.  First, try adding vitamins A, C and E to our diet and reducing your consumption of sodium.  You want to be sure you are getting enough sleep each night.

Products that contain vitamin K stimulate blood flow and this will help repair any broken capillary walls around the eyes.  There are produces which contain vitamin A, C and E and these increase the antioxidant protectors and get rid of free radicals.

Applying tea bags or fresh cut cucumbers to the eyes can work wonders.  Aloe will soothe and hydrate the skin around the eyes.

Drinking white or green tea can help sooth inflammation and redness while caffeine can help reduce swelling. Liquorice can soothe irritation and reduce puffiness.

Concealers, especially peach or salmon colored concealers, work very well to camouflage the darkness around the eyes.  To reduce puffiness, use a concealer brush to add some concealer in the creases below the eyes.  For best results purchase a good quality concealer.