Maintain Eye Contact When Speaking In Public

You have prepared a great speech for your presentation, but you are aware that people have a very short attention span.  You need to keep them interested in what you are saying.  How do  you keep your audience interested and attentive?  The answer to this problem is to maintain eye contact with your audience.

When you are giving a speech body language is very important.  You have never seen a great speaker who fidgets or makes unnecessary movements when addressing his audience.  You have never seen a great speaker who mumbles or keeps his head down and never looks at his audience.

You are the person giving the presentation and so you are the center of attention.  Be aware of every move you make so as not to distract or bore people listening to your speech. You know your topic well and you have a well-prepared speech.  Now you are addressing a large group of people and you need to hold their attention.

Once you have started speaking take a look at the people in the audience. Forget about the people who have blank or unfriendly faces.  Look for people who are nodding their heads and smiling.  Focus on the friendly person for a few minutes and look him or her in the eye.  In this way you will feel you have a friendly person in the audience and you can gain confidence from looking at this person.  Not only will this increase your confidence it will help relax you during the course of your speech.

Gaze steadily at your audience and move your gaze from one part of the room to another.  By doing this you will immediately grasp the attention of the audience.

If you are using visuals you can talk about the visuals, but do not read the bullet points word for word.  Your audience might feel that you are implying they cannot read the bullet points themselves.

You never want to read your speech.  You want to know your subject very well.  Then you want to make an outline of the important points you want to expand on. Develop your speech by following your outline and expanding those points you feel are important.

By using an outline and expanding on key points you are instantly connecting as a speaker with your audience.  The audience can see that you are not constantly looking and reading from your notes during the course of your speech.  They will have the feeling that you know the subject about which you are speaking very well.

You want to make a connection with your audience so they feel that you are a sincere speaker who wants to inform them and interact with them through your speech.

The secret to being a good speaker and delivering a great speech is to know your subject, breathe deeply, relax and make eye to eye contact with your audience.