Make Crafts Using Clay Pots 

Using clay flower pots to make charming decorations is an easy craft project that everyone can enjoy.  It is a project that is easy for the kids to learn and they can make items to enjoy. 

With the clay pot crafting you take clay pots of varying sizes and string the pots together to create things. Usually the crafts are done with new clay flower pots. 

Clay pots can be purchased in many different sizes from very tiny pots under 2 inches in diameter, to very large clay pots measuring over 1 foot across.  If you are a beginner at clay pot crafting it may be best to start with smaller pots and choose a project that is not too elaborate in design and does not require too many pots.  For example, a very simple clay pot project is a candle holder.  Take a small pot and turn it upside down.  Glue a smaller pot right side up on top of the first pot.  Paint the clay pots whatever color and design you like.  You can embellish the pots with glitter or glue on flowers or butterflies, etc.  Fill the top pot with marbles or colored sand and insert a candle so the filler holds the candle upright.  Another way to make this holder is to glue a flat dish to the bottom upside down clay pot and use a fat candle for this holder.  Either glue the candle onto the base of the flat dish or use a filler to hold the candle upright.  

For someone new at clay pot crafting another easy project is to make a bell from two clay pots.  You’ll need one pot about 5 or 6 inches in diameter and a second very small pot.  You’ll also need some decorative cord and two large beads which will not slip through the hole in the clay pot.  Finally, you need whatever paint you want to use and perhaps some glue on decorations like beads or jewels to decorate the bells. 

Cut the decorative cord so it is about 2 feet long.  Fold the end over 3 inches and tie an overhand knot making a loop.  The loop is for hanging the bell from a hook or nail.  Turn over the larger clay pot so it is upside-down.  Now put the loose end of the oipe down through the hole in the pot.  Lay the pot on its side and take one of the large wooden beads and slide it up the cord until it is about 10 inches above the loose end of the cord.  Tie the cord around the bead so the bead cannot slip from this position on the cord.  Now you should be able to lift the pot by the loop. 

Slide the small pot up the loose end of the cord so it will be easier to attach the other large bead to the end of the cord.  Tie the bead to the end of the cord.  Now you should be able to lift the entire arrangement by the loop and the smaller pot should hang freely inside the larger pot.   

Your pots should now make a pleasant sound when the small pot claps against the larger pot. 

Decorate the pots with paint and any trimmings you want to use.  You can decorate your bell with greenery, silk or dried flowers, jewel like decorations and a ribbon bow. 

Hang your completed bell on your porch and enjoy.  Another variation is to make three of the bells and hang them from a horizontal piece of wood.  When making these bells always be sure the beads are large enough and are tied tightly in place.  Your clay pots will break if the fall to the ground. 

You can make other clay pot projects such as a snowman, Santa, toy soldier, large doll or scarecrow by stringing together several varying sizes of clay pots and painting them.  Display your clay pot craft on your porch or your outside steps or lawn.  The clay pot crafts are especially well-suited to being displayed outdoors.