Make Doing Laundry Easier


Unless you have household help laundry is a recurring chore that you need to accomplish regularly.

Doing laundry can be an aggravating and cumbersome chore.  You need to gather the dirty clothing and linens, sort them, put them in the washer and then either put them in the dryer or hang them to dry.  Finally the finished laundry needs to be hung or folder, possibly ironed and returned to the proper places.

Having a few organizing ideas for your laundry area may help make laundry day easier.  If your laundry area does not have storage cabinets consider purchasing either a cabinet or a unit with drawers to fit either next to the washer or dryer or between them.  This will allow you to keep laundry supplies close at hand and will keep them hidden from view.  You might also consider wire shelves to mount above your appliances to add more storage places for the laundry area.

A hamper with several separate hamper bags makes sorting laundry easier. Some sorter hampers have removable bags which can also be tossed into the washer.  Sorter hampers come with just the three hamper bags or you can get more elaborate sorters which also have clothing bars for hanging garments to dry.  Some sorters have shelves on top to carry folded cloths and the units have wheels for easy mobility.

Accordion drying racks will allow you to dry any items you don’t want to trust in a dryer.  When not in use they can be folded down and stored away.


There are laundry poles which can be opened and will then stand alone allowing you to hang things such as shirts, blouses or jackets to dry.  These too can be closed and put out of the way.

If you have no room for a stand alone laundry pole perhaps a drying rack attached to the laundry wall will work for you.  When it is closed it is about the size of a paper towel holder, but when opened you have room to dry shirts or delicates or towels.

Rather than toss a sweater over a rod to dry a sweater dryer is a great way to dry your sweater.  When unfolded they give ample space to spread out a sweater to dry.  You can even stack several to dry more than one sweater.  When not in use sweater dryers can be folded and put away.

Everyone who washes delicate items should use a lingerie bag to protect these delicates from getting stretched or tangled in the washer and dryer.  Simply place your delicates in the mesh bag, zip it shut and put it in the washer.  Lingerie bags may have just one compartment or they may have several so you can sort your delicate items.

Doing laundry is a chore that is not going to go away.  Perhaps getting a little more organized can help make the task easier, more efficient and more hassle free.