Make Your Own Bottle Candles 

If you like scented bottle candles you can easily make your own at home.  Why spend several dollars to purchase a ready-made jar candle when it is fun and easy to do it yourself?  In fact, when your friends and family see your bottle candle they may want you to make one for them.  You can start a profitable home business making and selling bottle candles.  You can use aromatherapy oil for your scented jar candles and have several in your home with different kinds of healing properties. 

You can use any number of different size jars to make a scented jar candle.  You can use a simple plain jar like a jelly jar or you might want to try using a frosted jar.  The outside of your jar candle can be decorated with pictures, and sayings or your can personalize the jar candle with names and dates.  A nice wedding or anniversary gift or a new baby gift would be a bottle candle displaying a picture with the names of those in the picture and the date of the event. 

You can purchase all types of jars to be used for making jar candles.  If you want to save the added expense of purchasing jars you can use just about any kind of glass container.  You can use drinking glasses if you choose or you can ask your friends and neighbors to save glass bottles for you.  Baby food bottles make nice small containers to use for aromatherapy jar candles.  Remember, it is the candle that will be scented, not the jar. 

Before you reuse an old jar be sure to wash it thoroughly.  If there is a label on the jar you want to remove it.  You don’t have to worry too much about getting off all the old glue if you are planning to put a new label in the same place.  The heat from melted wax will cause the new label to fall off, so don’t put a new label on your bottle candle until the candle is cool and completely set. 

There are several types of wax that can be used for making candles.  The traditional type wax, and the most popular is paraffin wax.  This wax melts quickly.  It is a good wax for beginners. Paraffin wax does emit a chemical odor when melted and some people may find this irritating.  You can easily color and scent the paraffin wax.  Soy wax is made from soybeans and is becoming more popular.  It is eco friendly and renewable.  Soy wax burns more slowly then other waxes.  Beeswax is all natural.  It has air purifying qualities.  Beeswax does not retain scent or coloring well.  However, beeswax does have its own lovely scent.  You can also recycle your old candles by melting the old candles in with the new wax to create a new candle.  Use tongs to remove the old wicks from the old candles. 

You want to melt the wax over hot water.  After the wax is melted you can add your coloring and your scent.  Place a wick in the center of your bottle, tie the top end of the wick around a stick or pencil and place the pencil across the top of the bottle.  Be sure the wick in the center of the bottle is straight.  Then pour the melted wax into the bottle to the desired height. Allow the new candle to cool for about twenty-four hours.  Cut down the wick to about two inches above the candle.  

You can find detailed instructions on making candles online.  Once your scented bottle candle is finished you can relax and enjoy using it.