Make Your Sales Goals Realistic

In order for a salesperson to be successful his sales goals need to be realistic.  If unrealistic sales goals are set the salesperson is headed for failure before he even starts.  If the salesperson knows that the goals set for him to accomplish are unobtainable, he immediately has feelings of despair and this can to be very harmful for morale.

When setting sales goals you need to take into consideration the goals for your company.  Where is your company situated now and where do you hope to be in the future?  Take a look at your potential market to determine how high the potential is for sales of your product or service.  Look at the competition to see what you may need to overcome.  Evaluate the ability of your sales staff and set realistic goals based on their experience and selling skills.

Selling should be fun and should give the sales staff a feeling of accomplishment when they achieve their goal.

When someone, such as the boss or the sales manager, sets unrealistic goals for his sales staff they will attempt to reach the goals set forth.  When they are not able to reach these goals and fall short, they will feel like a failure and they will become discouraged not want to move forward.

When the salesperson is able to make a sale it brings him one step closer to meeting his goal.  The sale will give the salesperson the motivation to sell more since he experiences a sense of achievement.  The more the salesperson meets his goals, the more motivated he is to keep selling.  This is why it is so important to set realistic goals.

On the other hand, if the goal set for the salesperson is too low he or she will not develop their full potential.  When to sales goals are too low the salesperson will not need to exercise his best effort in order to met them.  This will leave the salesperson without feeling he has been challenged and that he has accomplished something good by using his selling skills.  Setting the sales goal too low is not going to motivate the salesperson.

It is important for the person setting sales goals to determine the ability of the sales force.  As the sales team develops and closes sales, then it is time to raise the sales goals.  You want your sales force to be challenged to meet specific goals, but you want these goals to be in the realm of possibility.  You don’t want to set goals for your sales team which are out of reach and cannot be met.

It is not always easy to determine what the realistic sales goal for your company should be.  However, if you set your goals too low or too high, it can have an adverse impact on your company sales.  You may need to revisit the goals you have set forth for your sales staff and revise these goals periodically so they are realistic and achievable.