Make Yourself Appear Ageless

Are you aware that each of us has three different ages? There are the number of years since you were born which gives you your chronological age.  There is your biological age which is the age of your body systems at a specific time.  This age is affected by your health, brain, skeletal system, heart and cardiovascular system.  The third age is your psychological age which is how old you feel.  Your chronological age may be 65, but you may only feel like you are 50.

There is no way for you to change your chronological age.  But, you can change the other two types of age.  You can change your biological age by improving your diet and engaging in regular exercise.  Your psychological age can be changed when you feel better biologically.

To improve your biological age you want to eat a balanced, nutritional diet.  This should include lean meat and fish to give your body the protein it needs.  Your diet should also include whole grains, lots of vegetables and fruit, good fats and low-fat dairy.  Limit the amount of sugar you eat.  Avoid fried foods and many of the processed foods that only add excess fat to your body and clog up your arteries.

A healthy diet will help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.  It will also reduce the risk of high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and arthritis.

Engage in some form of exercise on a regular basis.  It may be a walk at the mall or in the park several days each week.  Perhaps you would rather swim laps or engage in yoga.  Playing tennis, jogging or cycling are great exercises too. Whatever physical exercise you want to do is fine.  Just get moving.

To stimulate your brain, do brain exercises regularly.  Keeping your brain active will help keep you alert and will help reduce the risk of deterioration and memory loss.  If you keep your body and brain healthy you will feel younger biologically and psychologically.

How old you feel in your mind is your psychological age.  You may be 65 years old on the calendar, but in your mind you feel like you are only 50 years old.   When you keep active, eat healthy and exercise regularly you help improve your psychological age.  You also need to do things that you enjoy.  Socialize with family and friends, enjoy the company of people in all age ranges.  participate in some volunteer work if this is something you like to do, surround yourself with people who are upbeat.  Laughing as often as you can will help make you feel happy, positive and psychologically younger.

There is no miracle cure for reversing the aging process and staying young.  However, making some simple changes to your lifestyle can help you to slow the aging process so you feel younger.  A healthy diet and exercise is essential for a younger biological age.

There are some people who are not satisfied with simply following a healthy diet and exercise regime.  They consider corrective surgery to make themselves look younger.  Although a facelift may remove saggy skin and wrinkles and give you a more youthful look it can be very expensive.  To prevent the need for surgery as you get older it is best to take good care of your health and skin.

To keep your skin looking fresh, clean and younger use a daily cleansing routine.  There are many facial products available that help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

You cannot change your chronological age.  This does not mean that you must remain at that same age biologically and psychologically.  You can take steps to improve your health and your outlook so that you look and feel younger.