Makeup Tips For Women Over 50



As we age the makeup routines we followed in our 20s and 30s will no longer work for us in our 50s and beyond.

The most important item for older women is to take care of their skin. Know your skin type and religiously use a moisturizer made for your skin type. The moisturizer can help refine your fine lines and make them a little less noticeable.

Another thing that is important for your skin is to use sunscreen. Many moisturizers you may be using already contain sunscreen.

Sleep is important for healthy looking skin. Lack of sleep can cause your skin to look dull and tired.

When applying makeup use moisturizer under your foundation. Do not try to use a foundation that is too dark or too heavy. Some foundations on the market are formulated for use by women over 50.

If you use a concealer for dark circles under your eyes do not use a lot of concealer that is much lighter than your foundation. This will make your eyes look worse. Instead try a peach or pink toned corrector followed by a concealer with a yellow base and then apply your foundation.

Call attention to your eyes. Apply some eye shadow to your eyelids to make your eyes pop and draw attention to the eyes and away from a saggy neck and fine lines.


Keep your eyebrows well shaped by having them shaped professionally. Do not draw heavy pencil line eyebrows as this will only make your look older. Apply color to enhance your eyebrows using a light touch.

Eyeliner applied to the upper lid can be attractive. An eye pencil will give a softer line than using a liquid liner. You can smudge the line to give it a softer look.

Many women have dry skin when they get older. For this reason you may find using cream blush works better for you. If your skin is still oily or combination skin you can continue using the powder blush. Apply your blush with a light touch. As you age less makeup is better than more.

Stay away from the dark lipstick you used as a young woman especially if you have little lines above the lip. Lipstick bleeding into these little lines looks awful and makes you look older. If you have lip lines forger the lip-gloss. Also, the prominent lip liner you used years ago is no longer fashionable.

Be sure all your makeup is well blended when you apply it. You don’t want harsh colors just sitting on your face.

If you are having difficulty finding the right products and need advice with makeup application you might want to consult a makeup expert at a department store, salon or cosmetic store. They should be able to help you find the best products for your skin type and age.

You might want to try some highlights in your hair to brighten your appearance. If your hair is gray it can be very attractive if it is well maintained. Gray hair has a tendency to be dry so it needs proper care. A good haircut that flatters your face will make you look more youthful and more attractive.