Making and Selling Handmade Crystal Jewelry

Crystal jewelry has long been popular.  These stones are less expensive than diamonds or other precious stones and yet they make a lovely piece of jewelry.

Some families have kept special sets of crystal jewelry or pieces of crystal jewelry as family heirlooms.  This jewelry has been passed down from generation to generation.

Many years ago, making jewelry was a secret trade and the jewelry was so expensive that the

average person could not afford to purchase it.

There is something special about a piece of jewelry that has been made especially for you.  If you make the jewelry yourself, you have that added sense of accomplishment.  Making your own personal crystal jewelry creations is not rocket science.  There is lots of reference material available to guide you in making crystal jewelry.  There are shops which specialize in supplying the stones and other materials needed to create your crystal jewelry.  Reference information and materials are also available online.

Like any new adventure, starting to make crystal jewelry will take practice and there will be some trial and error while you are learning.  In a short time, you will become good at making your crystal jewelry and will create beautiful pieces.

Once you have developed the skills necessary to create lovely crystal jewelry you might want to consider selling your merchandise.  It is possible to go from a hobby of making crystal jewelry to the business of selling your crystal jewelry creations.

There are craft shows and conventions you can attend where you can display and market your creations.  Hopefully you will be successful in selling some at your jewelry at these places.  Be sure you have a card with your contact information with you so customers can contact you for additional pieces of jewelry.

When you are setting prices for your handmade jewelry be sure to consider not only the cost of the materials, but also your labor costs.  You want to determine a fair price that is consistent with other sellers of similar merchandise.  If you price too high you will not have sales and if you price too low, you will not be paid a fair amount for your product.

You can sell your crystal jewelry creations online.  You should have a site where potential customers can view your merchandise.  Take your time in setting up your website.  You want it to be unique, fresh and different from other sites selling similar jewelry.  If you choose, you can work with a web developer to plan and design your website.

It is important that you keep track of your inventory.  You need to know what pieces or jewelry you have on hand and what pieces have been sold.  You need to keep enough supplies on hand so you do not run out of needed material.

Pay attention to the wants and needs of your customers.  Don’t be pushy or too personal.  Instead, be friendly and professional.  If a customer wants something custom designed and made, provide the service if it is within your capabilities.  You want to grow a base of repeat customers who also will recommend your crystal jewelry to their friends and family.

If you plan ahead, crystal jewelry can be a nice business.  You want to take pleasure in creating your crystal jewelry.  You want to enjoy the process of selling your jewelry to others who appreciate it.