Managing Your Task List

With the fast pace of life today it is important to know what tasks need your attention and when they must be completed.  This is where the task list comes into play.  It can be difficult to remember everything that needs to be accomplished within an allotted time frame.  If the task happens to be for an appointment with an important client and you do not show up for the meeting on time, that may mean you lose the client.  When you are late or miss an appointment you give the impression the client and his business is not important to you.

The same thing applies to our private lives.  We need to know when we are scheduled for an important doctor appointment or a meeting for a school conference for our child.  We may want to attend a game in which our child is participating or we might have a birthday or anniversary to remember.

Whatever is coming up we need to keep on top of things.  When you record things, your brain can relax.  You do not need to be thinking of the task repeatedly. The stress can be relieved since you have a record of what tasks need to be done to keep you on track and you don’t need to try to remember.

A task list is actually a to do list.  It should apply to your business life as well as your personal life.  There are many ways to keep your task list.  There are many excellent software programs available on the market.  Microsoft Outlook is one that works well for many people.  Each day they print a hard copy of the list they compiled so that can refer to it.  Changes can be made throughout the day and the electronic copy can be updated at the end of the day.

Other people find it is easier to keep their task list in a handwritten form.   Some people find a few key words are all they need to keep on track.  Others want their task list to be a detailed account of what needs to be done. It does not matter what form you use as long as you keep some type of task list.

First thing each morning refer to your task list so you know what needs to be done that day.  At the end of the day carryover any tasks that did not need completion on the first day and include it with the tasks for the next day.  Continue updating your task list each day.

Some people simply cross out a task when it is accomplished.  Others like to use a colored highlighter to mark off completed tasks.  Whichever method you use you will find satisfaction in seeing the completed tasks marked off your list.

It is a good idea to prioritize your tasks in order of urgency or importance.  Some tasks, such as sorting the sock drawer, have no urgency and are not important at all.  Getting a proposal to a prospective client by the date it is due is of utmost importance and urgency.  You should not get upset or stress over unimportant or non-urgent tasks if they are not completed until days later.

A good thing about keeping your task list is that when your necessary tasks are completed you will have free time to handle those tasks that never seem to get done.  Just add these types of tasks to the list and accomplish them when time allows.  The more productive you become at accomplishing your tasks, the more successful you will become – both professionally and in your personal life.