Metal Detectors

There are various types of metal detectors.  If you are new to metal detectors it is wise to have someone with professional expert knowledge guide you in your purchase.  You want to be sure you make the right choice.

Most metal detectors come with a complete control box.  This control box contains the controls, batteries, circuitry, microprocessor and the speaker.  Also included is the search shaft which connects to the coil and the control box.  The stabilizer will keep the unit steady when it is moved and the search coil will sense the metal.

Here are a few of the metal detector brands you might want to consider when you are shopping for your detector.

Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors are user friendly and are offered at a very reasonable price.  The Tracker IV model includes a built-in automatic ground tracker which can maintain ground balance.  In various applications this detector can deliver efficient and effective performance.

The Fisher Metal Detectors model 1266-X allows you to dig and search at a great depth.  It does not function clearly on saltwater surfaces.  This is a good detector from Dr. Gerhard Fisher who obtained the first aircraft radio direction finders during the late 1920s.  The model 1266-X metal detector comes with a manual and a 5-year warranty.

White Metal Detectors come in various types.  The white DFX model combines turn-on-and-go simplicity with sophisticated microchip technology.  This model contains an operational frequency of 3 kHz and 15 kHz.  Another White metal detector is the XLT. This is a high-performance detector with best flexibility.  There are five different programs from which to choose.  The White metal detector model MXT has three separate operating modules including jewelry/coin, relic and gold processing. There is also a Prizm Series available from White Metal Detectors.  All the detectors in this series contain a pinpoint mode that turns zero when in a target location.

Tesoro Metal Detectors have two types of metal detectors available.  The Tesoro DeLeon model is designed for a target identification detector (TID).  The Tesoro Golden Max detector will allow you to control what you want to find.  This detector has four tone audio ID with adjustable notch filter discriminate, a full depth design and great sensitivity.

Garrett Metal Detectors offer three models to choose from.  The Garrett Super Scanner is unmatched for simplicity.  This metal detector is hand held.  You can to detect down to the tiniest piece of jewelry using this medium-sized pistol style metal detector.  One of the most famous detectors is the Garrett Super Wand Security model.  For detecting metal objects and weapons this detector has extreme accuracy and uniform sensitivity that covers a 360-degree scan area.   The third model is the Garrett Magna Scanner PD Walk Through.  This model has its own unique features in scanning exact locations like multi-coil detection and ultra-enhanced field pinpoints.

These are a few of the available types of metal detectors you might want to consider.  The metal detector you determine is right for you will depend on your expertise, your plan for the use of the detector and your budget.