Model Ship Building

If you are looking for a hobby that is interesting and takes some concentration you might want to consider building models.  There are all types of models to choose from.  There are cars, trucks, planes, trains and ships.  For those who are interested in the sea, ships might be the model to build.

You can start by purchasing a model kit either from a hobby shop or other brick and mortar store or you can purchase a model kit online.  If you are a novice at putting together model kits you will likely be overwhelmed when you open the kit and see the number of pieces.  Besides the many pieces there is a set of plans that may appear to be written in some foreign language. Take a deep breath and know that everything will come together in a short time.

Since you have chosen to work on a ship model you are probably already familiar with some of the nautical terms such as deck, bulkhead, stern, port and starboard, caulk a plank and some of the decorative knots that are used.  If you are not familiar with these terms you can do a little online research.

If you need guidance to put your model boat together there are many online sites offering classes on how to build model boats and model ships.  These classes cater to various types of boats or ships and various levels of builder expertise from beginner to more advanced.  Some sites have live chats available with staff that can assist you wth questions and some offer forums where you can discuss building with others.

If you prefer, there are also various ship building books available.  Some books are designed for beginning builders and other books are designed for the more advanced builders.

When you decide to build your first model you don’t want to become discouraged.  For this reason, chose a model that is fairly easy and a smaller scale. The easier model will also be less expensive and will not be as detailed as the higher priced kits.  Leave larger more expensive, more complicated models until you are more experienced.

After you have completed your first model then you can move up to something a little more expensive and detailed.  As your skill level grows you can purchase more involved kits.   Most model kits indicate the skill level needed to complete the project.

Before you start to work on an area or your model always read your plans. That way, you will know where you are headed. You may have to read the plans a few times to understand the directions.

You want to have enough space available for you to comfortably work on your ship model.  A large table or work area with good lighting is ideal.  It will make your ship building process easier if you divide your work area into sections such as preassembly, working on, and waiting to dry.

There are all kinds of model boats and ships.  Whether you prefer cruise ships, sailboats, tall ships, speedboats, wooden boats or antique boats you will find plenty of kits available.